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Date Published - 2013-10-23 Author - Edward Warner

Linda Goodman Astrology

Linda Goodman was accountable for quickening the development of the so-called “New Age” drive through the unparalleled and extraordinary triumph of her first astrology book titled Linda Goodman's Sun Signs in 1968. This was the first astrology book ever to receive a place on The New York Times Best Seller list. Ten years later in 1978, she followed it with Linda Goodman's Love Signs, which again made The New York Times Best Seller list, and set a trade record with $2.3 million being paid for the paperback rights.

Other books by Linda Goodman include:
Venus Trines at Midnight (1970)
Linda Goodman’s Love Poems (1980)
Linda Goodman's Love Signs
Linda Goodman’s Star Signs: The Secret Codes of the Universe A Practical Guide for the New Age (1987)
Gooberz (1989)
Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs (1998)

Gooberz, which began in 1967, is a long poem perforated with an innumerable references to the occult and representation. It is also a thinly veiled autobiography, which reconnoitres two of her significant romantic relationships, namely her marriage to William Snyder, and her love affair with marine biologist Robert Brewer. It also touches on the birth of her four children: Sally Snyder, Bill Snyder, Jill Goodman and Michael Goodman. The book surveys her ideas on reincarnation, karma, love, and miracles.

Linda Goodman's astrology and horoscopes endure to receive consideration, even though the woman herself has since passed on. Linda Goodman astrology played a huge part in promoting astrology from the back- burner into the light during the 1960’s. She was quite a character, and her books quickly became bestsellers thanks to her wit and her conversational writing style.

While Linda Goodman could formulate a birth, or natal, chart for any individual, she's still most famous for her examination of people based on their sun signs. Her work centred on the personalities of each sign and the way in which they interact with each other. In her later works such as her book Star Signs, Goodman branched out a bit to discuss not just astrology, but holistic healing, the powers unique to you, color meanings, crystals and music.

Even though Linda Goodman could provide others with understanding about their futures and personalities, she was extremely reticent about her own life. Cloaked in peculiarities, complications and mystery, she most often would give out April 9th as her birthday, but declined to confirm a time or even a year of her birth. The most regularly noted year in regard to her birth is 1925. Why did she hide her own birth date and time from the public, you may ask? The answer is clear - to prevent others from being able to reveal her own chart, of course.

Quite a few sources quote April 10th, and not 9th, as Linda Goodman's birthday. Astro Theme has constructed a birth chart for Linda Goodman based on April 10, 1925. According to the chart, she was an “attention seeker, hungry to express her thoughts, assertive, intuitive and self-confident”. Were they right? Judging by her career, it seems so.

Preceding to her death in 1995, Linda Goodman befriended Crystal Bush, a woman who would become her spokesperson, and the president of Linda-Goodman.net. Crystal Bush has endeavoured to keep Goodman in the public eye as much as possible, releasing data under Goodman's name. One example is Linda Goodman's Star Cards: A Divination Set Inspired by the Astrological and Numerological Teachings of Linda Goodman. This card set is fundamentally Goodman's version of tarot cards, and it has received brilliant assessments.

Although departed, Linda Goodman astrology still has a colossal existence on the Internet and there are plentiful websites dedicated to her memory. These sites branch out to all aspects of astrology and are inspired by her work. Some sites even discuss the mysteries of Goodman's life and death, mainly because some fans claim she's not dead and is actually still living in New Zealand.

No matter which Linda Goodman astrology book you read or tribute site you visit, one thing is clear; Goodman walked to her own drumming and was undaunted to shake up the status quo. Her astrological perception and her impertinent nature recommended her to millions, a fact that is demonstrated by her unceasing status. Moreover, it is this very admiration that clearly demonstrates that Ms. Goodman is as relevant now as she was when she first published Sun Signs in 1984.

Date Published - 2013-10-23 Author - Edward Warner


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